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Appeal My Rates
Our aim is to help ratepayers throughout England and Wales contest and reduce their Business Rates liability.William Knight employ there own team of chartered surveyors with impeccable knowledge  across all aspects of the rating system and the appeal process.  We have surveyors currently operating  across England and Wales , ready to provide you with an accurate property analysis – potentially saving you a substantial amount of money in annual rent and business rates costs alone.
If you feel that you are being over-assessed and paying too much in business rates then we can help you. In order to start working for you we need to know who you are? What property? How to contact you? You are entitled to one appeal per property (per ground) and the Appellant must be prepared to back up the appeal with a coherent argument and that is our job. The arguments and supporting evidence comprises details of your occupation and details of the lease if you are paying rent, the provision of this information to us is your job but the rest is ours. Do not worry we will help you.
William Knight Consultants Ltd  believe in delivering the best quality level of service available. Working alongside a highly professional UK based team of Chartered surveyors, our team of business rates specialists will ensure that you get the best savings available while at the same time eliminating the stress of each rigorous process allowing you to run your business successfully.
Business Rates Explained
Non-domestic rates are a means by which businesses and other occupiers of non-domestic property indirectly contribute towards the costs of the services provided by local authorities.The income from all non-domestic rates is paid into a national pool and redistributed between local authorities in proportion to their adult population. Domestic properties are subject to council tax. Rates are normally payable by the occupiers of business premises. These will usually be either the owner if he/she is the occupier of the property or the leaseholder.